SimpleCMS is mainly a web content management (WCM) system.  It has been specifically designed to simplify the publication of web content to web sites and mobile devices, allowing content creators to create content with have to know special code, html, css, etc.

SimpleCMS is a mix of commercial and free software blended together to create a easy to create and manage HTML content.  The software provides web authouring tools designed to all users with very little knowledge of programming languages to create and manage content with ease.

Some of the tools that we are using are: RapidWeaver for quick templating and design (not required).  NicEdit - a lightweight, cross platform, inline content editor.  This allows for easy editing of web site content on the fly in the browser (required).  FileMaker or MySQL and Lasso.

Since many of you may not have a Lasso based server we've set one up.  There is small fee to cover hosting costs.  We'll cover everything you need to get started.  Sign up here.

Version 2 will be released shortly.  Please give us comments and feedback to help us build a better product.

LassoSoft NicEdit FileMaker MySQL